right here in this moment

 This swing is located at the bottom of the Kirby Cove trail on the North side of the Golden Gate Bridge. The hike was about 1.8 miles round trip and totally easy!
Once we, my cousin and Mom, reached the beach we were in complete awe. This location gives you not only a beautiful view of the water, but also a view of the Golden Gate and the city. Absolutely stunning!
I was so excited for this hike because I had seen pictures of this “swing” all over and I couldn’t wait to swing on it. It was literally a piece of driftwood with one rope tied in the center and a long strand of excess rope. What. It’s hard to tell from the photos but this so called “swing” was about 6ft off the ground! I’m 5’3! Not going to lie it probably took at least 30 minutes for my mom and cousin to hoist me onto this thing! There was a couple next to us who got onto the swing so fast and I was like what the heck! What am I doing wrong! They sat there and laughed as we tried and tried. I’m just glad they got a good laugh out of it because I was struggling!
I almost quit. I’m not a fan of heights or risk in general so this was a stretch for me. Luckily I pushed through and somehow made on to the swing. After this whole ordeal, I really began to think about taking advantage of awesome opportunities!
There have been so many moments in my life where I don’t partake in something out of fear. I don’t want to do that anymore. I find life much more fun when I seize the moment. When I was up on that swing I didn’t want to be anywhere else except right there in that moment. Life reveals its most beautiful qualities when we try something new and keep our fears from getting in the way of our experiences.
It’s not easy and it may never be. But, I encourage you to really take advantage of all of the wonderful adventures that are out there. Because those will be the moments you truly remember.
“Be strong a courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9
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