the power of plants

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Photos By The Wonderful: Koa Flores at Roger’s Gardens
So I’m basically a crazy plant lady. I think plants are one of the coolest things that this world has to offer. I mean they were the third thing to be placed on the planet, after light and water.
God says in Genesis 1:11-12,”‘ Let the land sprout with vegetation-every sort of seed-bearing plant, and trees that grow seed-bearing fruit. These seeds will then produce the kinds of plants and trees from which they came’…And God saw that it was good”.
I know for me I was always afraid to keep plants in my room because I was so terrified of them dying. But once I got just one plant, I wanted to bring home every other plant I saw because there was so much life to them. I never really understood how they emitted such a powerful feeling. But then I realized: God made these plants. He created them just as he made you and me.
There is something about being surrounded by God’s creations that makes me feel so much closer to him. Plants are alive and God is alive. Plants are therefore a tangible reminder of God’s existence.
I encourage everyone of you reading this to invest in just one small plant to keep in a place you spend a lot of time in. This way you can look at it and remember God is always with you through the good and the bad.
So, plants have a lot of power because they make us look away from our worries and towards our creator in Heaven. God Bless!
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