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Throughout these past few months I have held one word near to my heart: Courage. It seems like everyday I pick up my bible the phrase “have courage” is plastered on every page. As if the words spring into the air and land straight into my soul.

I have anxiety. That is just part of who I am. My body’s natural tendency is fear, the opposite of courage. Fear can be quite the burden, as it weighs us down, it draws us away from our faith. But faith needs to be over fear, and courage needs to rise from within us. My anxiety is of flesh, it can be overcome by faith because it is not of this world, but rather of God. This word that God gave me, is the truth that I need. It is the answer to all of my biggest insecurities.

“I’m afraid of how other people think I look”

“I’m scared to tell them about Jesus”

“I’m too anxious to do this”

“I don’t have what it takes”

I need to have the courage to be confident. I need to have the courage to speak up. I need to have the courage to face my fears. I need to have the courage to believe in myself. Maybe, you are already a courageous person, and the insecurities I listed above don’t apply to you, and that is a wonderful thing, but I guarantee there is another word for you. There is another place in your life that the Lord wants to ruminate with you. I encourage you today, to pray about a word, or phrase, and seek God’s word for truth. Find a word and let it be your battle cry.

Starting a new year with a new word provides us with an opportunity to seek the Lord so persistently that we lean on him a little more, know him a little more, and love him a little more. It allows us to observe our flesh centered lives and pursue a heaven focused life; the life we were always intended to live.

I need to HAVE courage. What do you need?

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