not forgotten

Have you ever been forgotten?   Maybe your mom forgot to pick you up from elementary school? Or maybe you weren’t invited to the party all of your friends were at?     If I’m being completely honest, sometimes I feel forgotten by God. I will pray, and pray, and pray, and pray some more,

fully his

photography: anika samantha headshots   One of my biggest passions is theatre. Ever since I was a kid the stage has been my second home. It’s a place where I can leave myself behind and let a new person begin. As my anxieties, stresses, and burdens fall to the floor, I am able to embrace

i changed my name

I changed my name.   At the beginning of the year I wrote out a few goals that I had for the new year. One of them read “don’t lose sight of what’s truly important”. This has been clinging to my heart ever since i scribbled those words into my notebook.   A few weeks

taking his hand

  Photos by:  Isabella Gutierezz Tonight was one of the coolest nights of my life; seriously. I went with some people from my church to a local beach to hand out bags with granola bars, water, socks, etc. to homeless people. We each split off into groups and walked around to look for people we

don’t get too comfortable

Photos by: Isabella Gutierezz So I got a new beanie the other day. Let me just say; it is the perfect beanie. I always find that beanies never fit my head correctly and they always make my head itchy. This beanie is exactly the opposite; it is perfectly fitted to my head and it is


Throughout these past few months I have held one word near to my heart: Courage. It seems like everyday I pick up my bible the phrase “have courage” is plastered on every page. As if the words spring into the air and land straight into my soul. I have anxiety. That is just part of

new beginnings

What are your New Year’s resolutions? I’m pretty sure just about all of us get asked this question at some point around this time of year. If we’re all honest with ourselves this is a pretty loaded and stressful question. It feels like this is our one and only chance to make a change in

dear fall

dear fall, it’s been a wild ride. and i’ve learned a heck of a lot. i’ve learned about hard work, junior year is no joke. i thought it wouldn’t be that bad, but 7 classes later i realized, it’s that bad. and the pressure of college is constantly on my mind. i’ve also learned about

gracefully broken

I’m broken. Like super broken. You are too. We all are. No matter how hard we try to be perfect, we can’t be. It is impossible. It is not who we are. It doesn’t matter how I look, who my friends are, what clothes I wear, what sport I play or don’t play, or what my Instagram feed looks like; I’m broken.

my testimony

Hello! My name is Sam, and this is my story. I am currently sixteen years old and living in Southern California. I was raised in a Christian household and grew up going to church. I had always automatically assumed I was a Christian because my parents were and I knew that Jesus loved me, and