all the single ladies

Photos by: Anika Samantha Alright single ladies, let’s chat. Being single is hard. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel like I’m the only person not in a relationship! And it is so easy to listen to the lies in our heads! Nobody would ever want to date me. I’m just not pretty

the ocean

The Ocean. It seems endless. It holds so much power. How crazy is it that the same God who made you and me made the oceans? If the ocean seems so endless, how big must our God be?! If we think the ocean is powerful, how powerful must our God be?! “You rule the oceans. You

beautifully woven

Photos by: Isabel Gutierrez in the Los Rios District We were woven together by the hands of God. He chose us. We are His masterpiece. In Psalm 139 it says, “You watched me as I was being formed in utter seclusion, as I was woven together in the dark of the womb.” In Ephesians 2:10

the power of plants

Photos By The Wonderful: Koa Flores at Roger’s Gardens So I’m basically a crazy plant lady. I think plants are one of the coolest things that this world has to offer. I mean they were the third thing to be placed on the planet, after light and water. God says in Genesis 1:11-12,”‘ Let the land sprout

life is better buzzed

Better Buzz Coffee is an amazing coffee shop in Encinitas, CA. From the succulents on the wall to the phenomenal coffee this place has it all! As I sat there today I was feeling very inspired to share this with you guys. The world tempts us to desire a short-lived “buzz” that will somehow ease

right here in this moment

 This swing is located at the bottom of the Kirby Cove trail on the North side of the Golden Gate Bridge. The hike was about 1.8 miles round trip and totally easy!     Once we, my cousin and Mom, reached the beach we were in complete awe. This location gives you not only a beautiful

oh how sweet it is

  16. That is so crazy. On February 12th I had to say goodbye to 15 and embrace 16 with open arms! I think I’ll miss jamming to “Fifteen” by Taylor Swift the most! It’s hard to close a chapter of your life but it’s also a fresh start. A new year to strive to


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